Introducing – TaaCam VR Viewer

TaaCam VR viewer is the world’s smallest VR/AR headset that can be comfortably worn on your head, or handheld in your hands.

It acts as a slim (as thin as 6 mm) protective phone case when it is folded; and it can be opened up as an immersive virtual reality display.

Your favorite smartphone is instantly converted into a fully functional virtual reality device. For the first time, VR is with you anytime and anywhere.

TaaCam VR Viewer - Virtual reality headset

TaaCam VR Camera

A TaaCam VR camera module can be easily attached on or off the viewer body. It turns your phone into a VR/AR all-in-one device.

The TaaCam VR camera lets you easily capture immersive images and videos in high resolution and quality. You can share them with your friends.

The single lens full VR technology and 4D light field mobile camera app will help you to generate the 2D, 3D and 4D media data and special effects.

TaaCam VR Camera - phone case VR

Content Sharing Platform

Easiest VR Ever

We make difficulties associated with VR/AR a history. Now everyone starts to use VR and AR. Our viewer can work for all phones

Seamless VR Streaming

VR content is selected and played through your phone without you explicitly opening an app. For the first time, you can control the VR content through remote smart devices.

VR Content Sharing

The best platform and API for easy VR sharing and publishing. Now you can capture, view, and share VR all within your phone

Scan to VR

For publishers, simply generate a QR code to put up VR content; for readers, scan the QR code with your phone to enter a virtual world.

VR Broadcasting

Wirtualus can deliever VR content to more than one user at a time. The content playback is synchronized in realtime

Professional Markets

VR broadcasting can be used for VR theatres, business presentations, school classrooms, guided tours, instructional videos, etc.

About TaaCam Inc

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TaaCam Inc was founded by William Tan, a former senior research scientist from IMAX Corporation. TaaCam has been developing a suite of patent-protected novel technologies that instantly convert any smartphone into a high-quality virtual reality camera and display device, which is extremely portable, affordable, available and easy to use. It enables any smartphone to generate, display, and share VR images and video content. It is also ideal for professional applications, such as interior design, real estate, police, journalism, etc. TaaCam products are innovations that will change the way people record and remember our world. We will be the first platform to make VR reach the critical mass.

Who We Are

Our Motto

Small is BIG

Technologies We Use

Digital vision science 95%
Industrial Design 90%
Digital image processing 89%
Web technologies and software 97%

Team Members

William Tan

Business and Science

Marco Ferrari

Product and Design

SiHai Chen

Web, Software and Technology

Jey Kowsh

Sales and Marketing

Khierstyn Ross

Branding and Media

Accelerator Centre and Communitech Mentors


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